Risk analysis consultants
     D. Warner North :: Experience :: Government Service

Service on behalf of United States Federal and State governmental agencies.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board:
Subcommittee on Risk Assessment
member (1979-1982); Environmental Health Committee member (1982-1990), vice-chairman 1985-1990); Panel on Research in Support of Risk Assessment, chairman; Carcinogenicity Risk Assessment Guidelines Review Group, member; Extrapolation Models Review Panel, member; Integrated Environmental Management Subcommittee co-chairman; Acute Toxics Subcommittee vice-chairman; Stratospheric Ozone Subcommittee vice-chairman; Hazard Ranking System Review Subcommittee member. (above activities 1983-1990)

    U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board (continued):
Global Climate Subcommittee
, chair (1988-1989); Subcommittee on Lead and Subcommittee on Ozone, Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, member (1983-1995); Committee on Residual Risk Strategy for Air Toxics, member (1998), Special Council Panel for the Review of the Third 812 Analysis (EPA Report to Congress on costs and benefits of air pollution regulation) consultant (2003-2004).

    Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
Member and Chair, Risk and Performance Analysis Panel (1989 - May, 1994)

    Federal Energy Administration
Special consultant to the Administrator of the for review of the petroleum price regulation program (1977).

    State of California
Member, Scientific Advisory Panel, Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65); Co-Chair, Risk Assessment Subpanel (1987-1989). Member, Independent Science Board, California Bay-Delta Authority (February-May, 2005).

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